High Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner


Size: 4pcs Set
Sale price$76.00


🚗 Keep your space spick and span with our High Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner! 🧹

Say goodbye to dirt and dust with our powerful handheld vacuum cleaner! 💨 Whether you're tidying up your car, office, or home, this high-power cleaner gets the job done with ease. With its wireless charging capability, you can enjoy hassle-free cleaning anytime, anywhere. Plus, it doubles as an air duster to keep every nook and cranny free of debris. And the best part? Our product comes with stickers, so you can add a touch of fun to your cleaning routine!

🌟 Customize your clean: Make your vacuum uniquely yours with our stickers included in every purchase. Add some flair to your cleaning game and turn chores into a party!

Keep your space sparkling clean with our High Suction Car Vacuum Cleaner and say hello to a dust-free zone! 🚀🧹

Product Description:
Name: Car wireless vacuum cleaner
Material: Plastic ABS
Size: 180*158*66MM
Rated speed: 35000-42000rpm/min
Vacuum suction: 80000 (mbar)
Color: Blue
Rated voltage: DC 7.4V
Rated power: 120W
Noise: ≤90dB
Charging method: 8.4V USB cable
Charging time: About 3 hours
Battery capacity: 2*1800mAh
Working time: 20 minutes
Dust cup capacity: 0.1L

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